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I purchased my 2002 Corvette a year ago and as soon as I pulled off the lot the service ABS/Traction control light came on I called the salesman and told him about it; he told me to stop and turn car off and back on again which did clear the service lights; but soon after and every time I would drive it for about a few miles that ABS light would come on. After doing research online about this problem I came across ABSFIXER and read the great reviews and to make a long story short, Brandon was great in telling me how to removed the unit and he fixed it within one DAY !!! the car drives a whole lot better than before and all codes cleared. If you need your ABS traction control module repaired send it to Brandon at ABSFIXER !!!

Rated by GUY RYANS

Thanks Brandon, working great....nice to have display back and no service ABS message!

Rated by Ross Kern

I have a 02 C5 and my ABS/Traction control lights were on. I sent my EBCTM module for repair and a few days later I got it back. I installed it and no more annoying lights on my dash!!! THANKS BRANDON for the fast and professional service you provide!!!

Rated by Elizeo Martinez

Thanks to Brandon and his team for outstanding support! I mailed my EBCM and climate control module on a Thursday evening and it was repaired and sent back Saturday morning. My service station reinstalled both parts and everything is working perfectly. I had real time updates throughout the process and highly recommend ABSFixer; well done!

Rated by Wayne Blanchete

2002 Corvette ABS module ,Thank you excellent repair and service .The whole process was very easy

Rated by Anthony Vigilotti

Oh my..what an awesome view it is not to see the bright yellow ABS/TC lights on. Thank you Brandon! So glad you fixed it. Kuddos to you!

Rated by Jorge L. Flores
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