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Thank You Brandon! Excellent Service, shipping and quality craftsmanship. You saved me a bundle of money! I recommend your services to anyone who is looking for "Top Shelf Service and Quality Repair." And $150.00 vs a Dealer repair of a minimum of 2K is simply "outstanding!" Gary M. Kissick Shelby Township, Michigan 2004 Vette Owner

Rated by Gary Kissick

I recently bought a 2001 C5 corvette, Z06 model (keep in mind this car is now nearing 20 years old). It had the ABS/Traction system lights lit on the dashboard, and I confirmed it was a C1214 code. I sent off to ABS fixer and Brandon had it turned around very fast. Got it back in the car and its working like a charm now - no lights! The classic "the dealership quoted" bit: before I bought the car I had it inspected at a chevy dealership, of course they quoted TWO THOUSAND dollars to fix it... HA! Thanks ABS Fixer!!

Rated by Andrew Hobby

After two unsuccessful attempts to repair my 2002 C5 EBCM (following YouTube tutorials), I sent the module to Brandon at ABSFixer. It came back quickly and all systems are working properly again. Excellent service, communications, pricing, and results!

Rated by David Schmidt

My 2002 Black Convertible C5 was needing the EBCTM module repair even though it only has 10,000 miles on the odometer. I was getting tired of the dash indicator lights (ABS, Traction Control/Active Handling) and the related beeping that indicated that repair was needed. The Dealer would have charged well over $1,000 for the labor and a new module. It was not that hard to remove it myself and mail it to ABSFIXER for repair. I mailed it to Brandon and he fixed the module (EBCTM module repair and added Surge Suppression) and I received it back and re-installed it today (total time from when I mailed it to my re-install was only 7 days). Cranked up the engine and the 1214 code is now gone and the car is running perfectly. No more indicator lights and beeping.........very nice. Send yours to ABSFIXERS and you will be happy!

Rated by Tom Williams

It probably seems silly to keep writing the same glowing review as everyone else but the truth is that absfixer is the real deal. I have an '02 vette and have been seeing the 1214 code for months. I am leaving for a 3k trip in the car soon and I wanted to make sure that all systems were functioning. I tried the dealer, local vette shops and finally ABSFIXERS. The removal/return of the module was simple and the standard shipping had the module back in my hands very quickly. I have driven well over 200 miles since the reinstall and no issue. I did opt for the surge suppressor because for the money the upgrade was worth it. Don't hesitate to trust ABSFIXERS....very professional and hundreds less than everyone else.

Rated by thomas martin

Brandon, you are the best. First class organization. I sent my EBCTM in on a Monday in an overnight package with UPS. Brandon got it in the morning and had it back at UPS by the afternoon so that I received it back on Thursday afternoon using the ground delivery option. I had it in the car by dinner on Thursday, and turned the key with trepidation and a prayer. Eureka! The ABS, Traction warning lights went out for the first time in two years and I have been pleased as I can be ever since. Great experience. Strongly recommend ABSFIXER to anyone who has this problem. Dick Martin

Rated by Dick Martin
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