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I can only mirror what everyone else is saying, but the experience was so gratifying in every sense of the word (time and money) that I had to come on say that. Thx Brandon and absFixer The turnaround was almost quicker than it took me to take the part out and put it back. I'm sure the unit will function just as well with 5 screws rather than 6. If not, I know where to call. Dan

Rated by Daniel Ferry

Brandon, great work on getting my module repaired and back to me so quickly. Got it plugged back in and everything is fine again. Thanks for saving me what would have been close to $800 from GM. No more irritating TCS or ABS warnings or lights on my display!!!

Rated by Charles Viney

The ABS and Traction Control lights on my '02 Vette came on 4 years ago. I was told by the Chevrolet Dealer that I needed a $2,400 computer. Not wanting to part with the cash, I kept driving it without ABS or Traction Control. The bonus was that I had an excuse to keep others in my family from driving the car. Then I found ABSFIXER. If the ABS and Traction Control lights stay on in your car, send ABSFIXER your EBCTM Module. They fixed it and returned it in a day. I'm in Houston, Texas and still got it in a couple of days. I'll be going on any forum I can to tell everyone about the great job and service ABSFIXER provided. Now, if I can figure out how to remove my climate control from my Convertible I'm going to send it in, too.

Rated by Leo Rowe

Outstanding service and delivery. Thank you Brandon. Sent my unit in on a Monday evening and received it back in 7 days. Bye bye warning codes!! I highly recommend Brandon's expertise and money savings. I saved over $1400 from the mechanic's quote!

Rated by Donald Curley

I have a 2003 c5. Dealer wanted $3k plus 4.5 hours of labor to fix abs. Absfixer worked for me and took total of 2 hours for a non-mechanic... Great value, excellent instructions.

Rated by Percy Cohrs

Hey Brandon, It works...........tested it last night .....drove 70 miles and for once the light did not come on........Not that it matters...but I am curious...what is it that goes wrong in these things......and was mine pretty much the same thing bad as the other one's you repair.....Also is there anything I was doing wrong that I should stop doing?.........I really do appreciate the quick turn-around....... You guys have a good one and Thanks......Floyd

Rated by Brandon Hite
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