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Brandon... You are the best. I shipped it to you on Wednesday and had it back by Saturday. Simply amazing. I installed it today and seems to be working great! Thank you so much and I will refer you to others when I get the chance.

Rated by John Keller

The C1214 code was present on my 2003 Corvette and through researching the codes on the message boards saw references to ABSFixer for the repair. The process to place the order on ABSFIxer.com was easy and professional. Brandon responded promptly to an email regarding my order. The module was repaired and sent back the day after ABSFixer received it and the problem is now resolved - no more codes! Great job by Brandon and ABSFixer and will recommend them when I have the opportunity.

Rated by Charles Trippel

My 2003 Z06 had been intermittently throwing the dreaded C1214 code for a *very* long time... but since it was intermittent (only occurring once or twice a month), I would just deal with it, as it would more than likely disappear on the next ignition. A few months ago, it started occurring with every ignition so I knew it was time to pull the module & send it to Brandon! He had a super-quick turnaround so it was back to me relatively quickly. I put it back on the Z06 & it's been driven several hundred miles over the past few weeks with no codes being thrown! Thanks again, Brandon!

Rated by Matthew T.

The ABS and Traction Control lights came on my 02 Corvette, took it to the Chevrolet dealer in town and was told that my EBCTM module need to be replaced and what really got me is that they wanted over $1500 for parts only. So I started looking around online for some answers and came across absfixer web link, looked at the $200 price to repair my EBCTM module with a Surge Suppression placed in it and off it went, got it back in a few days and everything is back to normal. I want to Thank Brandon from all the way down in Laredo, Texas for a great job on repairing my EBCTM module.

Rated by Jerry Jasso

Brandon, Got the module and screws today. Took about 20 minutes to reinstall and see those lights go off and codes cleared! Your service saved me $4500 in repairs from my dealer. Their quote was $4700 to replace the module, pump and installation! For $200 total including shipping to and from and new stainless screws I am back in business!!!! What a great service! It is great to know there are still folks that repair cars rather just replace parts. Jon Sissonville, WV

Rated by Jon Litton

Hi Brandon and colleagues, I installed my EBCM which you repaired yesterday. Today I'm driving my vette without the nagging dashboard reminder. That had been a pain for several months, and outside of a few scraped knuckles and having to replace one of the torx screws which suddenly vanished into thin air, you have saved me some serious cash. I thank you for your prompt service, and I'm singing your praises wherever I can. I have one request. Please send me a picture of how you were able to build in the surge suppressor I had added to this repair order. I'm very curious about how you were able to fit anything into that rather congested and custom fitted housing.

Rated by Gerdt Propfe, Jr.
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