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Brandon, thank you so much for the repair to my EBCM. I reinstalled it after your repair and everything worked as it should. I took my 01 Corvette out after the repair and stomped on the system several times. Everything appears to be working properly and the warning indicators on the dash are now gone. Thanks for a fair price, quick turn around and a solution that saved me hundreds. I hope I don't need you again but if so I'm committed. Jerry Marshall McDonough, Ga.

Rated by Jerry Marshall

Brandon, Got the module and screws today. Took about 20 minutes to reinstall and see those lights go off and codes cleared! Your service saved me $4500 in repairs from my dealer. Their quote was $4700 to replace the module, pump and installation! For $200 total including shipping to and from and new stainless screws I am back in business!!!! What a great service! It is great to know there are still folks that repair cars rather just replace parts. Jon Sissonville, WV

Rated by Jon Litton

Hi Brandon and colleagues, I installed my EBCM which you repaired yesterday. Today I'm driving my vette without the nagging dashboard reminder. That had been a pain for several months, and outside of a few scraped knuckles and having to replace one of the torx screws which suddenly vanished into thin air, you have saved me some serious cash. I thank you for your prompt service, and I'm singing your praises wherever I can. I have one request. Please send me a picture of how you were able to build in the surge suppressor I had added to this repair order. I'm very curious about how you were able to fit anything into that rather congested and custom fitted housing.

Rated by Gerdt Propfe, Jr.

I'm still looking for the EBCM, so can someone please tell me where this thing is located? Thank You Percy

Rated by Percy Perry

Great job!! Got my module yesterday, installed today. ABMER LIGHTS GONE!!!!!!!! Gotta come take you guys out for a night on the town with the money i saved!!!! Antwan R.

Rated by Antwan Reid

I highly recommend anyone with an ABS/Traction Control problem, to use site. The repair was done the same day of them receiving the unit. I also received an email that repair was done and a tracking number. Excellent service but I hope I don't have to do business with you guys again. LOL! Thanks.

Rated by Edward Kalanz
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