Yesterday got the Corvette Climate Control you repaired installed. Turned the switch and WOW the screen that had been blank for several years lit up. Every thing appeared to work fine and it was a pleasure to see all the information I had not seen become visible again. You did a great job and I sincerely appreciate all your help.

J. Hayes

Hey Brandon! The unit arrived a couple of hours ago, and I have it back in place. Went out for a “road test”, and everything looks like new, again. Thanks!!

L Boyer

After I took it twice to our local GMC dealer who charged me for tons of money but was not able to fix it and then I took it to a brake shop who was not able to fix it too but charged me anyway for them trying to fix it, I was getting desperate but I prayed to let me find someone who can fix and repair my ABS module? My Prayer has been answered by finding ABSFixer. Thank you very much Brandon for fixing my module and telling the truth that you can do it. May GOD BLESS you and your Company. I pray for your business to continue to prosper. Thanks again

M. Tecson

I just reinstalled my module on my C5 corvette works perfect..You saved me over $2000 from having a dealership do the repairs.. I will highly recommend you to all my friends..Have a Blessed day!!

Randall - Abingdon VA

Outstanding job !!!!!That resolved my problem.My Tech and owner of village auto Durango CO. have your business card attached to there desk since they work on corvettes from our local car's club.

john wallace

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my EBCM. Works perfect and the turn around time was fantastic! Thanks again!

John Bibby

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