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Which Modules?

Modules successfully repaired

Corvette (2001-2004) Experiencing the C1214 Error Code

Chevy/GMC (Silverado,Z-71,Tahoe,Yukon,1500, etc) 1999-2005

Dodge (Durango) Experiencing the Pump Run-on Problem

Ford (F-150) Experiencing the Pump Run-on Problem

Non Corvette Owners - Basically, if you are experiencing the pump run-on problem and you have a vehicle that uses the Kelsey-Hayes EBCM modules. The odds are good that we can help you out.

All repairs are typically associated with the constant pump running problem.

To help prevent damage to your ABS pump, remove your fuse from your engine compartment.  (This will not, in any way, effect your vehicles braking system.)  Your ABS warning light will illuminate as will you traction control indicator, (If equipped).


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