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We researched other repair facilities for our 2002 Z06 ABS module, with one shop mentioning that they would have to cut a track on the printed circuit board! Not being confident with their methods we were fortunate that we contacted Brandon. Extremely knowledgeable, and very open with communication on the entire repair. Before sending the module to Brandon I was attempting a fix, found on the internet, and unfortunately damaged a capacitor! While describing this damage, Brandon stated everything will be addressed, and the unit working as intended. Absolutely correct, and we are very impressed. It is refreshing to deal with an ethical business owner who wants to help, has the correct solution, and charges a reasonable amount of money for the repair. Thank-you Brandon! Victor Ontario, Canada

Rated by Victor Abolins

Not much impresses me these days. I sent my ABS module out of my corvette for repair to Brandon on Monday, August 2, 2021 at 4:30PM. My car was left at the shop while the module was in transit. On Wednesday, August 4, 2021 when I exited my house at 9:30 AM, I found the repaired unit waiting for me at my door. Very well done Brandon.

Rated by Steve Cohen

Brandon, Thank You!!! Installed on Mother in Law's anniversary C -5 . Went on smoother than it came off. Put Tape on the 20 driver then just enough tape over to the screw head. Got them all started then came back to snug. Connected the battery. Started and all is well. Can't thank you enough for your fine fast service, Dave

Rated by David Olsen

2nd owner of a 2001 c5 w/35K Miles, I heard about the possible issues with the EBCM, after a few months of driving as the new owner, the abs and traction service lights came on, checked codes, and yup it was the common EBCM issue. I owe it to the corvette forum for pointing me in the direction of this service. Wasnt too hard to unmount the module, sent it off, fixed the day it was received, and once i had it back installed, everything worked and then some! Not sure why, my HUD is bright again since installing the repaired module, lol ill take it! Great work, thank you!

Rated by gabriel reyes

We at County Corvette have probably sent close to 100 modules to ABSfixer, and always get back a perfectly rebuilt unit in a very timely manner. Cannot recommend enough.

Rated by Luke Brophy

Prior to learning about ABSFixer I first sent the faulty ABS module back to another ABS repair job twice and they were not able to repair it but did refunded 100% of my money. After search for another repair shop I found ABSFixer (Brandon Hite) and they did the following …. Found and corrected fault in power supply that required some circuit board level repair and installed a "Surge Suppression" upgrade. The ABS module works perfectly! Upon my initial contact with Brandon, he told me that the C1214 fault was inside the module and that he could fix it. Thank goodness Brandon could because I didn't know what I would do since new ABS modules were not available any longer. Bandon's shop was very professional and did a great shop of identifying and repairing the problem, provided quick turn around and great communications during the process!

Rated by Charles Adams
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