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2nd owner of a 2001 c5 w/35K Miles, I heard about the possible issues with the EBCM, after a few months of driving as the new owner, the abs and traction service lights came on, checked codes, and yup it was the common EBCM issue. I owe it to the corvette forum for pointing me in the direction of this service. Wasnt too hard to unmount the module, sent it off, fixed the day it was received, and once i had it back installed, everything worked and then some! Not sure why, my HUD is bright again since installing the repaired module, lol ill take it! Great work, thank you!

Rated by gabriel reyes

We at County Corvette have probably sent close to 100 modules to ABSfixer, and always get back a perfectly rebuilt unit in a very timely manner. Cannot recommend enough.

Rated by Luke Brophy

Prior to learning about ABSFixer I first sent the faulty ABS module back to another ABS repair job twice and they were not able to repair it but did refunded 100% of my money. After search for another repair shop I found ABSFixer (Brandon Hite) and they did the following …. Found and corrected fault in power supply that required some circuit board level repair and installed a "Surge Suppression" upgrade. The ABS module works perfectly! Upon my initial contact with Brandon, he told me that the C1214 fault was inside the module and that he could fix it. Thank goodness Brandon could because I didn't know what I would do since new ABS modules were not available any longer. Bandon's shop was very professional and did a great shop of identifying and repairing the problem, provided quick turn around and great communications during the process!

Rated by Charles Adams

Thank You Brandon! Excellent Service, shipping and quality craftsmanship. You saved me a bundle of money! I recommend your services to anyone who is looking for "Top Shelf Service and Quality Repair." And $150.00 vs a Dealer repair of a minimum of 2K is simply "outstanding!" Gary M. Kissick Shelby Township, Michigan 2004 Vette Owner

Rated by Gary Kissick

I purchased my 2002 Corvette a year ago and as soon as I pulled off the lot the service ABS/Traction control light came on I called the salesman and told him about it; he told me to stop and turn car off and back on again which did clear the service lights; but soon after and every time I would drive it for about a few miles that ABS light would come on. After doing research online about this problem I came across ABSFIXER and read the great reviews and to make a long story short, Brandon was great in telling me how to removed the unit and he fixed it within one DAY !!! the car drives a whole lot better than before and all codes cleared. If you need your ABS traction control module repaired send it to Brandon at ABSFIXER !!!

Rated by GUY RYANS

My 2002 Black Convertible C5 was needing the EBCTM module repair even though it only has 10,000 miles on the odometer. I was getting tired of the dash indicator lights (ABS, Traction Control/Active Handling) and the related beeping that indicated that repair was needed. The Dealer would have charged well over $1,000 for the labor and a new module. It was not that hard to remove it myself and mail it to ABSFIXER for repair. I mailed it to Brandon and he fixed the module (EBCTM module repair and added Surge Suppression) and I received it back and re-installed it today (total time from when I mailed it to my re-install was only 7 days). Cranked up the engine and the 1214 code is now gone and the car is running perfectly. No more indicator lights and beeping.........very nice. Send yours to ABSFIXERS and you will be happy!

Rated by Tom Williams
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