When sending your repairs, please include the EBCM return form.

You can get it here!


This helps us keep track of you and your module. It also lets us know information regarding your vehicle.


For your convenience you can print a complimentary shipping label.* Print Label



If you prefer to use your own shipping service to send your repairs, please send to the address below.


* Please note ABSFixer and Fedex are not responsible for shipments whose labels are not legible or packaging are inadequate. You may use your own packaging if boxes are sturdy and undamaged with all flaps intact. Place delivery information inside and outside the package. Include an address for your recipient and yourself.



2131 West Republic Rd, #424

Springfield, MO 65807


We also purchase bad control modules. When we do this we will issue the seller an RA# so we can keep track of who we need to send money to. Please contact us regarding acquiring an RA#.

If you are returning a module that is not needed or purchased incorrectly, we will accept the modules and refund the amount minus shipping and a %15 restocking fee.