Thank you Brandon. I appreciate your assistance. I installed the module, cleared the codes and I’m back on the road. Worked perfectly.

Ken S.

Got the module back today and installed it... car is in back of my garage but as of now all lights are off and the TCS button is working. Thank you soooo much for the quick turn around as I miss driving her. Cant wait to drive it again. She was dangerous without this being fixed because it breaks the tires loose at 50 mph and if your not ready for it you will be in a ditch quick. Now I feel safe driving it especially in the rain. THANKS AGAIN.

Brian H

Received my brake module for 2006 Corvette back. It works perfectly. This module had been sent to another vendor who assured me it could be fixed; it wasn’t. Luckily he refunded my money. Went to a local speed shop who suggested ABSFixer. Glad he did.


Works perfect. Thank you so much.


Yesterday got the Corvette Climate Control you repaired installed. Turned the switch and WOW the screen that had been blank for several years lit up. Every thing appeared to work fine and it was a pleasure to see all the information I had not seen become visible again. You did a great job and I sincerely appreciate all your help.

J. Hayes

Hey Brandon! The unit arrived a couple of hours ago, and I have it back in place. Went out for a “road test”, and everything looks like new, again. Thanks!!

L Boyer

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