I wanted to let you know that I received my EBCM module yesterday and installed it back in my Z06. I started the car up and guess what ? As you already know the repaired module works as advertised. I am now back in business with no ABS warning lites !!! Once again thanks for the quick turnaround and excellent communication.

Brian J. Bustamante

Just wanted to thank you for rebuilding my ECBM plus upgrade. My mechanic installed the unit and it works perfectly. You were very kind and professional.

Jeff Kaplan

Thanks for your help in solving this problem without spending $1000.


Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus!! Installed and working!! Thank y'all.

Jeff Sconza

Successful fix on my Cadillac! All 3 lights out, no codes! Your customer service on the phone, your prompt e-mails and work are a true excellent example of a great business. Thank you all.

Larry Hall

I picked up my Corvette up last night after the repaired module was reinstalled and the brake fluid was flushed and replaced. Over 100 miles and 8 ignition cycles and no more messages/codes. I am thrilled at being able to drive the Vette and know that if needed I have ABS brakes and traction control/active handling that will kick in if needed to keep me safe. My Vette has experienced these mesages off and on for over 4 years, but I only sought to have it repaired once the messages occurred at every ignition cycle. Thank you very much for working your magic on the EBCM module. I feel like you have given me a gift by making my Vette whole again and without those dreaded messages. Glad I discovered you thru the various online Corvette forums. Thanks again.

Becky Thompson

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