Use this selection to repair your Delphi/Delco ABS 5.3 brake and traction control module for the Cadillac.

Typical failures with these modules that ABSFixer addresses are:
ABS, Traction, Brake and Active Handling indicators illuminated on dash
Codes C1214,C1215,C1216,C1217,C1218, C0121

This repair option requires you or someone to remove the brake module from your vehicle and send it to us for repair. While your brake module is being repaired at ABSFixer you will still be able to drive your vehicle (Without ABS and Traction Control, of course).

All repairs are typically repaired the same day we receive them and are ready to send back the next day.

A Surge suppresion upgrade is available for your repair. This upgrade is much like the power strip on your home computer. Every time your EBCM receives power from the ignition, it goes through a number of housekeeping routines to make sure everything is working before it activates itself for operation. One of the checks that it performs is to make sure the ABS pump is attached and working correctly. For this procedure to work, the EBCM must send out voltage to the pump for a few milliseconds or just long enough for the module to determine if the pump is in good working order or not. Unfortunately, when this happens, a large voltage spike is generated by the pump. This voltage spike can be very hard on EBCM electronics. We suppress this spike so you don't have problems caused by your ABS system.

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