I want to thank you for the excellence of your work and service in the repair and upgrade of my EBCM.  I installed it in my 2003 Golden Anniversary convertible Corvette  a couple of days ago,  After 2 years of seeing the "Service the ABS and Active Handling" in the DIC the message went off when I started the car a second time,  The DIC function also became normal again!   I knew from research what the problem was, but I did not know where the module was located, I didn't have a reference regarding who could repair it, I couldn't buy a new one, and my Chevy Dealer had no one on file who could repair the EBCM..   I saw your add in Corvette Magazine and went to the web site.  I found your step by step instructions on how to remove the module complete with pictures, and removed the module.  Your ratings were exemplary, and I felt your pricing structure was more than fair.  You repaired the module, threw in the mounting screws I requested, and it was returned to my home in California within a week.  I was thrilled!   Since then I have provided my Chevy Dealer with a written copy of your contact information, offered services, and pricing.  I have also been recommending your services to anyone I felt might need them.     You get a 5 star rating from me.  Thank you for your assistance in the solution of this long lived, nagging, and perplexing problem.


Brandon I just wanted to say ty for the quick and great service . People will email when there are problems but rarely compliment when someone does something good . I dont wanna be that person , i want to thank you for helping me and not sweeping me under the rug .

Joe B.

I received my unit back and put it on today. Thanks for the quick turn around it works perfect! Its so nice not to have my dash all lit up. Everyone was right, you are the man on these things. Thanks again

Dodge R.

Got it back and installed it yesterday. ALL GOOD! Thanks so much! John  Mundelein, IL

John V.

My EBCM arrived yesterday and was installed today. I am relieved and very thrilled that you fixed the unit and everything is back to normal operation. Thank you for your skill and know-how

Bill B.

Thank you Brandon. I appreciate your assistance. I installed the module, cleared the codes and I’m back on the road. Worked perfectly.

Ken S.

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