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Thanks, I just received my AC Control unit back and EBCM both of which I had tried repairing myself. I was able to get the AC Control unit to illuminate but it was very hard to read I also tried repairing my ECBM module and it worked all but for about 2 hrs. Located this company by searching forums and came across this company. Got it touch with them and told them of what I was experiencing with both of the units mentioned. Explained that I had previously tried to repair them myself and that it did not work. Brandon explained to me the packaging and shipping process (very easy) and I went to Fed Ex with the pre printed label from his website. He received both units 2 days later and the next day the units where back on the way to me. It only took from Monday to Saturday for the entire process. I was kept updated as when he received them, the evaluation process and all the way trough the repair. I reinstalled both units the day I received them back and it was like all is brand new No more ABS light on and I could read my AC Control unit perfectly (nice and bright) Other companies did not want to repair my units due to the fact that I had myself tried before. This process was easy and affordable thanks again I am now a loyal customer and I will tell everyone of the repair of my 2002 C5 Corvette. Thanks again. Mark D Watts

Rated by Mark Watts

HI - Installed the rebuilt EBCM Module and it works likes like new - no lights or C1214 code. Thanks Brandon

Rated by Guy Biegler

Hi Brandon, Thanks for the great service with one day turn around. The ABS Module for my 2003 Corvette Z06 works like new no codes or ABS and traction control warning lights any longer. The process was easy and fast. I highly recommend ABS Fixer. Eddie

Rated by Eddie Caldera

Just returned from a long trip in my 2002 Z06 since having my ABS module repaired. So nice to travel without those cash lights on ☺. THANKS

Rated by Ronald McKnight

2002 Z06 31,000 miles ABS & Traction lights being on were getting to me. Car drove ok but being lights on were annoying ☺. Dealer did some research and tried to repair - unsuccessful. Dealer called abs fixer and had a good conversation with the fixer (very helpful and courteous) and module was shipped, repaired and returned. Dealer reinstalled and everything is working ok so far. Added the surge protection to the repair. Using the abs fixer is the way to get it done right the first time.

Rated by Ronald McKnight

Brandon......Thanks for the repair of my c5 corvette ecbm module and the fast turn around. I received it Friday and installed it Saturday. All the fault codes are cleared and the car is running great. Your repair of the unit saved me hundreds of dollars and that kept my wife very happy, and me too. You are the best. I am enjoying driving my toy again. GREAT JOB. Jim in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Rated by James McKee
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