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Great job Brandon, even though my abs module was not repairable the service you provided was excellent and highly recommended. I will be ms ending in my climate control module for repair..

Rated by Mark Nadell

I own a 2003 50th Anniversary C5. I've been staring at the ABS and traction control idiot lights for almost a year now. But since I am getting ready to sell the little lady, I figured I should get it fixed to maximize sales price. Dealer quoted $1600! Eff that noise! Found this place, and in less than 2 weeks had my module fixed (I opted for the surge suppression enhancement) and back to me. Just re-installed and fault codes went away on first start. You guys rock, and I have recommended to all my C5 buddies.

Rated by Ray Hudson

I'm an owner of Corvette C5. After a long time of problems with error code C1214 on my Corvette I found the guys at ABSFixer and decided to send the modul. Communication perfect and they did a Great job: now I can again enjoy the drive without annoying error codes. My big thanks to all of you, gyus!!! Now I know where to call in case of troubles!!! Jan from Slovakia (Europe)

Rated by Jan Vajda

My 2003 Z06 had been intermittently throwing the dreaded C1214 code for a *very* long time... but since it was intermittent (only occurring once or twice a month), I would just deal with it, as it would more than likely disappear on the next ignition. A few months ago, it started occurring with every ignition so I knew it was time to pull the module & send it to Brandon! He had a super-quick turnaround so it was back to me relatively quickly. I put it back on the Z06 & it's been driven several hundred miles over the past few weeks with no codes being thrown! Thanks again, Brandon!

Rated by Matthew T.

The ABS and Traction Control lights came on my 02 Corvette, took it to the Chevrolet dealer in town and was told that my EBCTM module need to be replaced and what really got me is that they wanted over $1500 for parts only. So I started looking around online for some answers and came across absfixer web link, looked at the $200 price to repair my EBCTM module with a Surge Suppression placed in it and off it went, got it back in a few days and everything is back to normal. I want to Thank Brandon from all the way down in Laredo, Texas for a great job on repairing my EBCTM module.

Rated by Jerry Jasso

I can only mirror what everyone else is saying, but the experience was so gratifying in every sense of the word (time and money) that I had to come on say that. Thx Brandon and absFixer The turnaround was almost quicker than it took me to take the part out and put it back. I'm sure the unit will function just as well with 5 screws rather than 6. If not, I know where to call. Dan

Rated by Daniel Ferry
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