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Just finished installing my repaired unit. It works just as advertises. That's amazing, you saved me almost $4,000 from what the local Chevy dealer wanted. Thanks Don Watson

Rated by Brandon Hite

Brandon, Just some additional positive feedback for your service. You can't ask for anything better than same day turn around, and after installing the unit today, no codes. The hardest thing about this whole deal is just getting to the screws that attach the unit to the ABS, and that just requires a little patience. I tested both the ABS and Traction Control, and they operated just as the doctor ordered! A fantastic service for the do-it-yourself-er! Noone should ever buy a module from a dealer again!! Bob Cleveland, Ohio

Rated by Brandon Hite

Brandon, Thanks again for the quick repair, you repaired it Tuesday had it back in Canada Wed, how great is that ? Keep up the good work. Gordon. Ramsay Paris, Ont. Canada

Rated by Gordon Ramsay

Brandon Most talk about giving good customer service ..... YOU do it. The fact that you fixed my unit after 3 yrs into the first repair all on your word, your warranty .... people should also know it failed in a place other then were it did the first time but caused 1214 code you stepped up to the plate anyway . That is something GM, Ford, Chry and others should try . The unit works perfect now even on the fly .... I now know this for a fact .... Brandon thank you and your staff ... another well done.

Rated by Earl Scheff

Brandon has a great service. Stressing over the 1214 code on my c5 got on the Web to research . Found absfixer and gave it a try. Got it back in a couple of days , reinstalled it and cleared codes and she was back on the road. Great service and reasonable price. Recommend it everhone. Thanks Brandon

Rated by Kevin Curlee
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